Clothing for combat sports aficionados


Martial arts gyms and dojos are great levellers, where people from all walks of life mix freely and respectfully. 

Men and women train together. Insincerity and pretence are discouraged, but humility and enthusiasm are favoured – there are “no lies in the cage”, to paraphrase The Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Frank Mir. 

Interestingly, this stoic approach generates a vibrant, creative energy – one that encourages the apprentice martial artist to overcome challenges they previously considered impossible. The finest practitioners use it to transcend our perceptions of normality, and become something almost super-human.

The Battles of London brand – its clothing, photography and reporting – represents these visionary, pioneering, broad-minded and noble aspects of the martial arts. Many of our team practice MMA, ‘mixed martial arts’, with varying degrees of success. We know that nothing worth having comes easily, in the training cage or in life. 

Battles of London evokes the martial arts spirit that not only helps us improve our fighting, fitness and technique, but assists us in overcoming the challenges that the modern world places in front of us all.